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Training Services for Your Workplace

We provide your supervisors and employees with comprehensive, up-to-date information that goes in one ear--and stays there!


Workplace training helps
prevent problems from happening.

Workplace training is one leg of a three-legged stool that we call Protected at Work. You do need all three legs:

First, you need to have clear and comprehensive written policies.

Without these, employers open themselves up to liability.

Second, you need effective and regular training.

This is where every employee and supervisor is taught the rules, has a chance to ask questions, and recieves regular refresher training.

The third leg is professional and friendly testing

Ensure that both the organization and workers are being protected on an ongoing basis.

When you have a system that covers policies, training, and testing, you are not only creating a safer workplace, but you lower potential liability and increase productivity.  It’s protection of people, productivity, and profits.

Why use Timely Testing for your workplace training?


The professionals at Timely Testing are in the trenches every day. We work in dozens of industries with many thousands of employees, as well as with large numbers of supervisors and employers. That means we bring a great deal of practical experience into the training room.


We are active members of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association, and the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association. If there are any developments in the drug and alcohol testing industry, we strive to know about them.


We work closely with a handful of experienced attorneys, who add legal insights and current best practices to each training curriculum.


The owners of Timely Testing are your trainers. They have backgrounds in substance abuse treatment and social work, and have worked in both large and small organizations. They bring empathy and real-world experience to the training.

A Bit More About Timely Testing Training

Take a moment to learn how we provide your supervisors and employees with comprehensive, up-to-date information that protects your workplace.

Training Programs Available

Reasonable suspicion training

Employers and supervisors have to walk a fine line in their reasonable-suspicion duties. On the one hand, they need to be aware of suspicious behavior in order to prevent avoidable problems from occurring. On the other hand, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can cause other problems to happen, in the form of lawsuits. Our training will give you practical material that enables you to walk that fine line with confidence.

Sexual harassment training

Most organizations try to create an atmosphere of friendly professionalism, but when is “friendly” too friendly? How can employees avoid these situations, and do they know what to do if the situation happens anyway? Our training uses a combination of lectures, group discussions, role playing,and written materials to address this vital topic. Your employees will leave the training with a clear set of practical guidelines to follow.


In any organization, every day there are hundreds of interactions between employees and with clients. Just as there must be zero tolerance for substance abuse, the same is true for any acts of discrimination. Sometimes people don’t even realize that what was common in one part of the country or in times past is no longer acceptable. We provide examples and checklists that employees can easily remember and use to prevent discrimination at your place of work.

One-on-one consultation and training

Your organization is not quite the same as any other. We can work with you to tailor training that fits with your goals.


Training Aids in All of Our Programs

We work hard to make our training as interesting and useful as possible. That’s why we include the following in all our programs:

  • They make it easy to refer back to anything we covered and review detailed information on any given topic.
  • Detailed checklists so you know just what to do, when.
  • A special email address for post-training support. Use this any time you have questions about situations that may arise after training.

Please contact us at 888-403-3928 and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation.