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Managing Your Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Timely Testing was established in March 2013, to provide drug and alcohol testing services. We deliver the highest level of support throughout the testing process. We communicate. You are updated about the specimen collection, lab process, medical review officer involvement, and test results reporting. Copies of completed paperwork are sent to you following the collection and remain readily available on our system.
Armed with years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol testing, Timely Testing will manage all aspects of your workplace drug and alcohol testing program. Our Third-Party Administrative services provide peace of mind to agencies regulated by government entities, as well as, private enterprises focused on safety in the workplace.

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What Is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA)?

A TPA is a service agent who manages all, or several elements, of an employer’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. As a Consortium/Third Party Administrator, Timely Testing coordinates all services that support a workplace testing program. There are many service agents involved in carrying out the functions, such as:

  • Breath Alcohol Technicians
  • Qualified Specimen Collectors
  • SAMHSA-Certified Laboratories
  • Medical Review Officers (MRO)
  • Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP)
  • Physicians (Medical Evaluations/DOT Physicals)
  • Policy Writers (Workplace Testing Policies/Last Chance Agreements)

The Third-Party Administrator’s Role

A TPA is required to know the rules and regulations of each testing authority represented within its client base. It is equally important to have a grasp of each client’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.A TPA can directly provide a service, or collaborate with others in the provision of services. A TPA most often provides the following:

  • Consortium
  • TPA’s combine employees from different companies and different transportation industries into one pool for the purpose of random pool selections
  • The random testing rate for the pool must be based on the most restrictive of the industries represented in the consortium
  • Random Pool Management
  • Follow-Up Testing Oversight

Timely Testing’s Role as Your TPA

  • Consortium Collaboration
  • Random Pool Management
  • Follow-Up Testing Oversight
  • Direct Provision of Policy Writing
  • Direct Provision of Drug and Alcohol Testing Services (In Nevada)
  • Network of Qualified Drug and Alcohol Testing Companies (Outside of Nevada)
  • Partnerships with SAMHSA Certified Laboratories
  • Collaboration with MRO
  • Collaboration with Designated Employer Representatives
  • Network of Substance Abuse Professionals
  • Coordination of DOT Physical Exams
  • Coordination of Background Checks
  • Communication Every Step of the Way
  • Consolidated Billing

The Timely Testing Way

We are an extension of your HR department. We help improve workplace safety and increase productivity through your employees’ participation. Partnering with an experienced TPA is an efficient and cost-effective way to support the success of your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. Trust Timely Testing to manage the entire testing process from start to finish

Random Pool Selection and Management

Timely Testing will manage monthly or quarterly Pool Selections for your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. This process includes pooling a list of staff identified through a customized drug and alcohol randomizer software program. The software program used is TestVault, which also manages test results reporting. To ensure that the pool is precise, your team will provide an updated employee roster prior to each Pool Selection. Please note that employers must maintain two separate pools (DOT employees) and (non-DOT employees). Once the Pool Selection(s) is completed, your team receives the following:

  • Employee Pool Selection with Notification Letters
  • Alternate Employee Pool Selection with Notification Letters
    (The Alternate Pool is used after the primary Pool Selection has been exhausted to ensure the desired number of employees are tested each month or quarter)

Timely Testing will coordinate other qualified service agents when deemed necessary. Rest assured that we work with highly professional enterprises that share our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Pre-Employment Testing

We can assist you with new hire onboarding. Timely Testing will coordinate and manage your pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. We will coordinate directly with the applicant. Simply put, your company will provide the candidate’s information, and Timely will take it from there. Timely will be the only point of contact for your team throughout the process, including invoicing. We are your one-stop shop for all your testing needs.

Policy Development

Should you need a new Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy tailored to your company’s needs, we can assist. Defining your company’s stance on marijuana in the workplace while incorporating state laws that address reasonable accommodation is critical as precedents are set and laws change.

Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing

Timely Testing will conduct onsite drug and alcohol screens for pre-employment, random, post-accident, return-to duty, follow-up, and reasonable suspicion situations. Pre-employment testing can be conducted during a hiring event, new employee orientation/training or at one of our two offices conveniently located in Reno and in Las Vegas. Call us today to coordinate an on-site event or a pre-employment test in one of our offices.

Lab Service/Results Reporting


All test results will be sent via the Timely Testing reporting queue. This allows for results reporting to come from one company, regardless of who performs the actual collection. Your team will have the freedom to use the closest clinic and/or emergency room to complete the specimen collection, using the Custody & Control Forms (CCF) provided by Timely Testing. The preferred laboratories used by Timely Testing are primarily Quest and Clinical Reference Laboratories (CRL), both of which are SAMHSA certified. Sub-accounts will be created specifically for your company at each of the labs.


Post-accident testing in the State of Nevada must be completed by a State Certified Lab through the Nevada Department of Health. Quest is the only SAMHSA certified lab who meets this requirement at present. CRL (Clinical Reference Laboratories) are used for all other testing to include pre-employment, random, return-to-duty, follow-up and reasonable suspicion for clients that utilize our house accounts. We also collect specimens for Alere, Medtox, LabCorp, and DrugScan. What does this mean for you? Timely ensures each test result, regardless of the collection point, is provided immediately upon receipt. Timely Testing remains in contact with the laboratory and the Medical Review Officer (MRO) throughout the testing process to expedite results reporting.

DOT Physical Exams

TTimely Testing will coordinate any DOT physical exams required for your employees. We will ensure the physical exam is completed, and you receive updated cards directly from the attending physician. Invoicing for the exams will come from and be paid through Timely Testing.

Are You Consolidating Your Workplace Drug and Testing Program?

Don’t get stuck in the legalities of workplace drug and alcohol testing. Trust Timely Testing to handle the job for you with the utmost care, quality service, and ultimate discretion. Contact us if you need a quote or simply want to find out more about our services.

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