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Frequently Asked Questions

About Drug and Alcohol Testing


Before testing occurs

How quickly can you get to my facility?

If you’re in the Las Vegas area, we can be at your facility within 90 minutes. We can get to organizations in the Reno area within 60 minutes. For all other parts of Nevada, just call us and we can tell you when we can get a collector to you.

What is involved in setting up an account?

It’s quick and easy. After you contact us, we simply email you a couple of forms. There is no contract to sign. And if you’re in a hurry, we can dispatch a collector to your facility before we get those forms back.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credits for clients who require infrequent services. For those who require ongoing service, a client account is established at a Net30 term.

We’re a DOT-regulated entity. Do your test services meet all DOT requirements?

Yes we do meet all DOT requirements.

Why can’t you just list your price on the site?

We don’t list prices because we don’t know your situation. The prices vary depending on where you are located, how many tests you need performed, the frequency of testing, specific tests to be performed, and other factors. We will be happy to give you an immediate price when you call us and we have those details.

Is there any type of test for which Timely Testing is not the best choice?

An accident involving an injury requiring medical treatment at an urgent care, but not significant enough for an emergency room visit, would best be served having the drug test completed at the clinic. If the occupational health/urgent care facility is unable to perform the test, we will send a collector to your location.

Certain companies require blood-based testing. We do not provide blood based testing as part of our service.

While at your facility

When you arrive at our facility, can everyone tell that a drug-testing service just pulled up?

No; our vehicles are unmarked. Our collectors wear shirts with a small, tasteful logo on them.

Does testing occur in the Timely Testing vehicle that arrives at our facility?

No. All testing happens at your facility or jobsite.

After leaving your facility

Do you use a medical review officer?

All of our DOT testing is signed off by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). Our non-mandated testing is reviewed by an MRO for all positives unless your company policy states otherwise. MRO oversight provides strong documentation and protection for both the employer and employee.

How long will it take to get results?

You will typically get results back within 24-48 hours unless further testing and evaluation is required.

I have a third-party administrator (TPA) who manages my drug and alcohol testing program. Can you bill them directly?

Yes we can.

Other questions

Can I test my employees without a policy in place?

Yes it’s possible to do that, but we do not recommend it. Please contact us if you have questions about creating a drug and alcohol testing policy that fits your needs.

I heard that some laboratories are not SAMHSA certified. What’s SAMHSA and why should I only use a SAMHSA-certified lab?

SAMHSA is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the federal government. If you are a DOT-regulated organization, then you must use a SAMHSA-certified lab.

Even if you’re not under DOT regulations, we think it’s important to have your tests conducted by a SAMHSA-certified lab. That’s because you will have the strongest documentation, should a test result ever be challenged by an employee, possibly as part of a lawsuit.

My workforce is not mandated by DOT. Why should we bother with drug testing?

It’s a good idea to perform drug testing because it’s all about being protected at work. When we say “protected” we mean on more than one level: Employees are protected from working alongside others who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In addition, employers are protected from some workplace injuries, and liability claims that can generate bad publicity and in some cases bankrupt the organization. Other benefits include reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, lower healtcare costs, and higher productivity.

What do I do, now that recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada?

Marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug as defined by the federal government. Several states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use with the State of Nevada being among those. It is important that your company’s drug and alcohol policy be updated to include the latest developments and continuing restrictions.  Ongoing training for supervisors and employees ensure everyone is on the same page with what is permissible and what is not, despite what is portrayed in the news.

I have another question that’s not answered here…

We pride ourselves on being an information hub for our clients! Please contact us at 888-403-3928 and we will be happy to discuss your questions. Be sure to check out our free guide. The guide provides specific tips you can utilize when hiring a drug-testing company and to improve your existing drug and alcohol testing program.